Define your screen designs - set positions, colors, fonts and more...

UI specifications made easy! In most cases the result of a design phase is some sort of design definition, the styleguide or UI specification. The next in line – mostly a software engineer – uses the styleguide to rebuild the screendesign with his software tools.
This process is often time consuming and leads to misunderstandings, discussions and last but not least stress.
Justguide improves the communication between design and software.


Infographic workflow

Justguide – The tool for the designer: You import an image (e.g. PNG) of your final screen design into Justguide and add all the measurements, color- and font-definitions.
The exported interactive HTML and an additional asset library containing all the sliced images, fonts etc. is handed over to the software engineer. With this information the software engineer is able to build the software as specified.



Justguide – Key features

  • Define positions and sizes
  • Define colors
  • Define fonts and textfields via re-usable styles
  • Export specification as interactive HTML or static PNG

  • Easy and quick styleguide creation
  • Easy integration of changes
  • Created styleguides are precise and unmistakable
  • Interactive browsing through styleguides


Justguide is currently beta.

To install the Justguide you need to have Adobe Air installed.

We are very happy for any feedback, feature requests, bug reports, ideas… Feel free to contact us at


Justguide 0.9.4 (free)

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Justguide Export v0.1
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